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Internationally renowned photographer, adventurer and storyteller, Andrea Pozzi was born in Bormio, an alpine jewel of Italy, in the autumn of 1984.

Since an early age, he has always been fascinated by distant lands, places where contact with nature is fundamental and where civilization has been unable to take root.
The excitement behind a new experience, a new landscape or a new encounter is what gives him life. The growing desire for discovery, which becomes stronger with every new journey, has given birth to his own personal photographic journey, FORGOTTENLANDS. 

Andrea's camera has taken him to the wild and remote corners of the world, witnessing the huge glaciers of Alaska and Yukon, the peaks of Patagonia and Asia, the tropical paradises of Polynesia, the Andean Plateau, the surreal and endemic species of Yemen, the desolate moorlands of Scotland, Antarctica and the South Georgia, the tangled forests of New Zealand, the unbelievable japanese winter, the wild siberian taiga and the northern lights of Lapland. He visited 60 countries.

Every journey in the attempt to portray the beauty and the magic around him, trying to know better himself getting in touch with the soul of adventure and exploration.

He has continuously earned several awards in the most important international competitions of nature photography, including the most prestigious in the world: the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Author of an autobiographical book (2015), entitled "30", he is known for his great passion for adventure and an unconventional lifestyle, which often sees him as the protagonist of solitary and sometimes singular experiences in the wilderness.
He speaks 4 languages: italian, english, spanish and russian.
His great experience has led him to establish himself as an expert and recognized guide (and as a photographic tutor) in the most diverse environments. Particularly linked to Latin America, he offers expeditions and Photo Tours every year to every corner of the planet.
Graduated in environmental architecture in 2009, his life path led him to move away from a physically static profession to apply his knowledge and aesthetic taste developed during the course of studies in photographic art: gifted with a great spirit of observation, he firmly believes that the reading of one's photographs is closely linked to our background, to everything we have experienced during our growth.
Since 2005 he has also been a ski instructor, a skill that often allows him to reach unspoiled places.


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