Dyrhólaey is a magnificent little spot with not much else around it but grand natural landscapes and it’s the most southernmost part of the Icelandic mainland. It’s one of those places in Iceland that you never really hear people talk about and is sometimes considered as off the beaten track but is definitely worth adding to your list of sights to see in Iceland. From your position atop the promenade of Dyrhólaey, you can enjoy staggering views over Iceland’s black sand beaches, complemented by the glittering waves of the Atlantic on one side, and distant mountainscapes to the other. The biggest attraction on the upper plateau though is definitely the enormous lava arch (Dyrhólaey means “door hole”), which you can get some spectacular pictures of from behind the lighthouse, the exact spot where I took this image. One important thing, the place is extremely windy to such a degree you can literally take off, be careful! [+]


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