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I was born in Kavala (Greece) in 1966. I studied Business administration and Business informatics at Macedonia University of Thessaloniki. At the same years I studied Photography at Y.M.C.A. school. I have attended several workshops about digital photography, editing and post production proccessing.
I have also Msc in Marketing with new technologies.

I work as a web developer and e-business consultant. Photography is my escape into the world of untold and experiential. In life we go mainly from the Fortune options. Few are the decisions arising from the pure and free will significantly determine our course in time travel. At random then respond consciously or unconsciously with a yes or a no. Usually we say "NO" since this does not make us from the pressure relief safety habit. The "yes" Is that changing the course of life. My "YES" are my pictures.

My interests in photography are focused in a timeless approach. Seascapes or landscapes that represent the space as timeless, without a significant of time passage. As time is the core backround of our existence the substraction of it reveals the life remnants. This approach is depicted either as a dreamy atmosphere or a painting from the past.


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