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I was born in Treviso (Northern Italy) in 1978. I love mountain and natural photography and I am a member of the Italian Alpine Club.

I like to capture the emotions that nature gives me in its many aspects, such as rocks, plants, water ... The choice to use black and white or color is not random, it depends on the context of the moment and how I feel about it. For me the composition and the correct light are determinant in the picture. I can summarize my photographic vision with these words: "The colors of light ... when nature paints itself."

I usually visit the Dolomites of Veneto and Trentino and, when I can, I love to travel and see new lands.

Several of my photos have been published in books and magazines and I had satisfaction in various photo contests. Recently in 2017 I won Honorable Mentions at Moscow International Foto Award, International Photography Awards (Lucie), Monochrome Photography Awards, International Photographer Of The Year.


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