There are mornings like no other! I had evolved the day before through a wooded scenery with a thousand warm colors of autumn, capsizing in a torment gusts of wind and driving rain. Wet as a fox not to say that "I was made like a rat", the only way out in such conditions is to flee into the forest and set up camp there as soon as possible. Reaching Morphée rocked by the constant, thunderous sound of the wind slapping the treetops is something special and captivating. After a good homemade soup, well deserved, warm in my down, I slept like a baby! In the early morning, my bladder suddenly reminded me that the night had been rather cold. It must have been something like 5 am, it was still dark, I was not even out of the tent that I had like a strange feeling that something had changed .. Everything seemed calm .. As if the heart of the earth had stopped beating. Wow! It had snowed big flakes ..... I'm melting! The forest looked like a fairy tale! Without knowing that it would be a ritual, I instinctively walked towards the river, I could already glimpse the first light of the day merging with the darkness of the night through the entanglement of cotton trees, the sound of each step takes a new melodic dimension as well as the dripping drops. At the edge of the forest, my eyes first glance at the limpid water from the glacier and there ..... Something powerful stands proudly in front of me. Like a temple, a fortress .. It emerges a quiet force! I contemplate it with this feeling of being like in a dream ... There are mornings like no other! [+]


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