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Johannes Frank

On Terra Quantum since Mar 14, 2015

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About Johannes Frank

“I was born in 1963 at Thingeyri in the West Fjords, Iceland. I am a self-taught photographer. I spend a lot of my time photographing providing my job – I work as a graphic designer and sales manager in a sign company, allows me to do it. I am currently living at Hafnarfjordur near Reykjavik in Iceland. Photographing allows me to connect to nature and recharge my inner battery. I grew up in the West Fjords, a very harsh area that probably has had some influence in my photographs. 
I look for areas and images where I can express the power of nature. But I also look for the mild conditions that sometimes nature can offer. In that sometimes use long exposure shooting to get smoothness and to slow things down. 
I find inspiration in the work of Ansel Adams, Brassai, Michael Levin, Michael Kenna, and the Icelandic photographer RAX (Ragnar Axelsson). Each of one brings me something different: Ansel Adams for his understanding of landscapes, Brassai for his dark and moody images of Paris and people. Michael Kenna uses the square format better than I have seen from other photographers. Michael Levin has a fantastic technical skill for shooting long exposure images. And closer from me, RAX gives me the inspiration to photography the northern life.”



Johannes Frank has won several international awards for his work in both professional and non professional categories. In 2010, he published his first book ‘Moments from Iceland’ that has been awarded by PX3. His second book ‘Hross’ dedicated to the Icelandic horses was published in 2014 and was silver awarded again by PX3. His work has also been published in galleries from Italy, Belgium and Iceland and in several magazines  

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