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About Arved Gintenreiter

Though being connected with photography since childhood, as a first career Arved Gintenreiter opted for studying business economics and taking three years of formal journalism training on top of that. After several years working as a reporter and editor for the German news agency dpa in Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Vienna, and other hot spots, he decided it was time to follow his real passion: photography. So from one day to the other he quit his job and started his own photography business.

Arved’s photos first were distributed by Corbis, Alamy, and European Press photo Agency network member dpa picture-alliance, published in newspapers, magazines, travel guides, and corporate publications (e.g. Lonely Planet, Stern, Die Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, BILD, German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, German Parliament, Deutsche Telekom, Dumont, Travel House Media (Merian, Polyglott), Russian Look, Ltd., Vatican Magazine).

Lately Arved has been concentrating on personal exhibition projects. Starting with« Venice Moments Monochrome », a series about the fading local Venice in contrast with the modern touristy face of town, shown first at « Venice MOB Art », he is currently focusing on a nature project shot in Iceland.

For this new nature project, not public yet, Arved is taking a very slow and decisive imaging approach. Due to shooting a technical camera with digital body (Phase One, Alpa, Rodenstock), rather than taking dozens of « backup » photos in a spot with varying angles and subjects, he is restraining himself to just one single capture at each place. This limit makes him fully focus on the perfect angle and timing, as he says. A photo can take days or weeks to be captured.

In general the fortune of growing up in foreign countries like Pakistan and Turkey has influenced Arved’s view on the world and photography. On top of that his journalism career taught him how to take a stance and to focus on his topic of interest.

Arved presently lives in Venice, Italy. He has  also been running photography workshops for many years. Beyond making his clients just shoot beautiful pictures of a destination, with his intuitive approach of tutoring Arved focuses on improving their shooting style to more intentional photography: taking less photos but with higher quality (creative, technical, storytelling).

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