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Photographer and Designer, based in Munich, Germany. Working on Aerial Photography Projects that show the impact of human presence on earth.

I am interested in the concept of the Anthropocene. It is a term used by scientists which theorize that humans, in recent centuries, have become one of the most important factors influencing the biological, geological and atmospheric processes on Earth. Some of the most significant changes in the Anthropocene include climate change, the ozone hole in the Antarctic, rapidly rising sea levels, and landscape changes caused by river shifts or the degradation of raw materials. In my photography, I explore the origin and scale of that idea to understand the dimensions of man’s intervention in natural spaces and to direct attention toward how humans can take responsibility. Aerial photography is a compelling way to document those interventions because it basically makes the dimensions of human force on earth visible. I am also fascinated by the abstraction that comes with the change of perspective; seeing something familiar from a new vantage point that you are not used to. I use abstraction and aestheticization as a Language to Inspire people and also to offer the Viewer a Connection to the subject as they need to decode what they are looking at.


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