Want to make sure your photographs stand apart from the crowd? Make a series, tell us a story!

How do we distinguish ourselves when so many images are produced in the world each day?
How do we discover our own photographic style and find the best way to express it?

You can now submit series on Terra Quantum!
At Terra Quantum we believe that the artist’s visibility is enhanced if he or she is able to build a signature. This can be done by publishing a series— several pictures that are linked together because they share a common theme.
Today, being recognized for just single pictures has become more difficult than before. We are overwhelmed by millions of pictures. The same spots and same subjects are extensively photographed. That’s why it becomes crucial to distinguish ourselves from other photographers—to create a truly original vision. That’s why series are becoming more and more essential.
Series are interesting because they force photographers to define themselves and their work. If making a picture remains a fundamental step of creativity, making pictures in a series—as a whole—inspires a very personal approach. We can see many pictures that are very similar, especially in the well-known spots. But it is nearly impossible to observe two series that would be similar. 
The definition of a series is broad. The common feature may be the color, the subject, the light conditions, etc. There is no limit to what a subject may be. However, a series is not just a collection of beautiful pictures even if they are about the same subject. A series is a story, a whole. Its images go together better than alone.
Terra Quantum can now offer you this fundamental feature in addition to the current format of individual photographs. The submission of a series can be done with the same process as before, except that you have to choose « Submit a series » instead of « submit a single picture ». Then select within your files between 3 and 5 pictures that compose the series, with the condition that the images have to be taken in the same country.  The jury will review the submitted series as a whole. This is why it is crucial that you ensure that you have a coherent series. If selected, the series will appear in the menu « Galleries / Series of the World ».

What the Jurors say 

“Series are like the fingerprints: they allow us to recognize the work of one artist from another.

Making one great image - or many- can be a challenge but making them working all together and accordingly to the artist’s sensitivity is even more challenging. Being able of such a work is a great find for every photographer.”

Johannes Frank - Juror


“I think the series concept is a must for fine-art photographers. It shows the depth and consistency of work, and gives much insight into style and vision.”

Meredith Mullins - Juror


“Not all stories can be told in a single frame. A series is the chance to go beyond. With a subject carefully chosen, each image powerful, and on top all of them well connected, non-redundant, fitting by style: that gives to a series its power.”

Arved Gintenreiter - Juror


“A series is a group of terms that follows a law. Each image that composes the series may be seen as an element of a sentence,  a more or less complex sentence that adds meaning to the images.”

Simon Guibert - Juror


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