The Strange Disappearance of Mister Pik (Part 1)

There once was Mister Pik who used to come to a wonderful place to take wonderful pictures. He was very happy with his pictures. It must be said that the place was indeed wonderful: a wonderful waterfall forming a wonderful river flowing on a wonderful mountain. What a magic spot!

So, each morning, just before dawn, when all the inhabitants were still asleep, Mister Pik came to the place, chose a good spot and installed his tripod, waiting for the light to come. And after many hours and many clicks from his camera, Mister Pik came back to have a rest. “How was your day? Did you take good pictures?” the inhabitants asked to him. It was always the same question so Mister Pik always gave the same answer: “Well, I hope so”.

Of course, Mister Pik perfectly knew that there were other worthy photographic places. The world was so big. But he couldn't resist the pleasure to take pictures of his favorite spot. And he always found a good reason "One day, I will explore the world that is for sure, but not now. I have all the time in the world". Above all Mister Pik was looking for even more beautiful pictures of his spot: he was a perfectionist.

As the time was went by, Mister Pik noticed that more and more people were going around his favorite spot. At the beginning, he was quite happy to meet some interesting companions with whom he was able to talk about photography. But after a while, he became a little bit annoyed. It seemed that everyone with a camera was taking the same pictures he did! Furthermore, with the increasing crowd, the place began to lose its quietness.   

So Mister Pik thought it was maybe the time for him to go and explore the world. “I am going to take some pictures over the whole Earth!” he said. He was very excited. He rushed into a shop to buy some memory cards to run his fantastic project. “How many cards do you need?” the man in the shop asked.

How many cards to shoot all the Earth? What a question! Mister Pik had absolutely no idea about it. He quickly tried to estimate it, taking into account the radius of the Earth (6400 km), the number of pixels of his camera (20 Mpx) and the needed resolution to make a good print (330 dpi).

“Hum… I need… hum, hum… something like … two thousand billion of 16 Go cards” Mister Pik answered. He was a little bit scared by the result he just found and was also anxious with the idea that it would probably cost him a lot of money.

The seller had a look at his computer to check his current stock. “I am afraid I will not have enough cards. But you will certainly find some on your way. When will you be back?” Mister Pik tried to estimate how long it would take to get pictures of the whole Earth. When he realized that it was going to take 6 billion years to cover the Earth, he decided to quickly leave, so quickly that he forgot to tell anyone where he intended to go!

And from that moment, the inhabitants of the region are still talking about the strange disappearance of Mister Pik.

Although we don't know either where Mister Pik has gone, we hope to have news from him.
We will let you know as soon as we get some.

All the best,
Terra Quantum's Team

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