Talk # 10 All About Nothing by Beata Moore

Ghosts Of the Sea by Caterina Mrenes

Art is about personal expression and the pursuit of photographic creativity is different for everyone. In recent years there has been a lot of talk amongst landscape photographers about mindful and minimalist photography. What is it that makes both so popular? In short, mindful photography is more of a contemplative photography that encourages photographers to notice more and reveal how they see the world around them. For me, learning about mindful approach resulted in reaching more often to minimalist photography. Minimalist photography requires simplicity and it emphasises spareness. Focusing on one subject is very fulfilling for me, though at times, frustratingly difficult. To strip a subject down to almost nothing, to its essence, whether by using negative space, isolation, careful composition or long exposure can be hard.

A very beautiful photograph ‘Ghost of the Sea’ by Caterina Mrenes is a very good example of a clutter free image. A clever use of longer exposure allowed her to transform the sea into an ethereal white mist of a smooth texture that blends with the fog, semi-obscuring tall sea stacks. Her carefully chosen perspective makes the rocks look nicely organised, yet thanks to the misty conditions, receding into nothingness, therefore fulfilling the main principle of minimalism – less is more.

Whichever route you take in your photographic journey, don’t ever forget to engage in the moment, whether you choose to do it slow or fast, after all, it is your journey. I, in my recently slowed down approach, like to repeat like mantra, William Henry Davies’ words from his poem ‘Leisure’: 
‘What is this life, if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare’

Beata Moore 
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