Selection of October 2023: Early winter by Gheorghe Popa

Early winter by Gheorghe Popa

We have barely had any snow at the end of November in recent years. When it happens to snow at that time, a true colour feast is created. The snow vividly brings out the autumn colour palette of the forest.

This year I was prepared for snow. The photo is taken very close to my house in the Vânători Neamț Natural Park, a place I am very familiar with. After trying to photograph a few spots I managed to find the colour combination and the trees I was looking for. There were a few intense days when I used everything in my backpack, from the drone to all the cameras I had taken with me. I did not have a particular frame in mind. I was simply trying to make the most of that autumn-winter moment that often creates gorgeous landscapes in nature.

In this case, the editing was not complicated. All I had to be mindful of was to render the white of the snow which was very easy by adjusting the white balance and the exposure. 

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