Selection of November 2023: Below the peaks of Patagonia by Peter Svoboda

Below the peaks of Patagonia by Peter Svoboda

This image was taken in 2018 during my photography journey in Patagonia (Argentina and Chile). The image was taken in Chile, Torres del Paine National Park. In the background, there are well-known Cuernos Towers. Between me and the dead forest, there was the river Serrano. The view of the Towers was unexpected and fascinating. I was captivated by their majestic shapes every time I saw them. I found this place some days before capturing this image, but the conditions were not optimal. Finally, I was lucky one morning to see some interesting light and weather for shooting.

I have decided to take this image as a single long exposure shot using an ND filter. I was so lucky to see the great light illuminating just the Cuernos Towers. In this short-lasting moment, the clouds passing behind and over the towers were not illuminated by the sun, which created a special mood, hand in hand with LE motion blur in the sky, as well as in the water. The forest of dead trees behind the river Serrano was full of interesting trunks. I found this scenery rather special even 3 days before I took this picture. The place where I found the best composition was rather wet and muddy, as my side of the river Serrano was shallow at this point. This is why my tripod was moving and I had a problem keeping it still. I had to find a big piece of wood to put the tripod on to get a sharp image.

I processed this image in Photoshop Lightroom only. Due to the use of the ND filter, the tonality seemed to be much in purple tones, so I adjusted the color balance and reduced purple, then I decreased the contrast and played with curves a little bit. I wanted to emphasize the interesting shapes of the dry trees, so I adjusted the light of the area with them. That is all that I have done in the post-processing. 

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