Selection of November 2022: Summer time by David Ilkovic

Summer time by David Ilkovic

I like nature and walks in the fresh air. During a summer evening, I was walking with my wife near my hometown. During the walk, we had a beautiful view of the fields and the dirt road that leads to the beautiful mountains. These are the smallest high mountains in the world - the High Tatras. In the background you can also see the highest peak of the mountain range - Gerlachovský štít with an altitude of 2655 m.a.s.l. The first official ascent to Gerlachovský štít dates back to 1834. 

The photo was taken during the golden hour. The setting sun created a magical atmosphere and bathed the landscape in golden rays of warm summer light. Photography is my passion and that's why I always have my camera with me. As they say: "happiness favors the prepared". During the walk, I observed a man and a woman running along a dirt road. I immediately had an image of how to photograph the scene. I was in the right place at the right time. A dirt road creates a guiding line towards the mountains, meadows and fields add space to the photo. The view of the world's smallest mountains is just a bonus in this beautiful scenery. The runners add scale to the scene and show how small man is compared to nature.

I'm a believer in the theory that a well-taken photo is just a good foundation. It is post-processing that will make it possible to tighten the photo in such a way that it can convey to the viewer the mood and feelings that I felt and experienced while taking the given photo. This photo didn't need a lot of editing, I just had to highlight the highlights, adjust the shadows to give the photo depth and create a guiding line that directs the viewer's eye where I want it to go. I highlighted the light to enhance the impression of the gold watch.

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