Selection of November 2021: Social Distancing by Fabrice Petruzzi

Social Distancing by Fabrice Petruzzi

I was thinking about taking this photo for a long time; I had visited this place a year before, in the summer. I knew that the tree in the middle hill did not give much contrast. To be able to bring it out I had to have snow. The thing is, that when snow is present, it does not stay here long, because the region is not very high in altitude. After checking the weather forecast for this region all winter, the ideal conditions had finally arrived. I drove for three hours to get there. My goal was to make this photo at sunset, but I told myself that arriving a few hours earlier wouldn’t hurt. This idea allowed me to get this photo, because when I arrived, a thick fog had set in, and I could not see anything at 3m. I was waiting here and suddenly, for 10-minutes, all 3 trees were visible. After that, the scene remained covered in mist until the night.

As the scene was very white because of the fog, I chose to bracket 5 images, to have the assurance that the whites were perfect. When I saw the result of an overexposed image, I knew that this photo needs to be ‘highkey’. As far as post processing, there was not much for me to do. The scene was really perfect. I just added a little contrast in some areas of the image, to make it easier to read, and worked out the exposure to get this ‘highkey’ effect. 

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