Selection of November 2020: Golden Feathers by Gheorghe Popa

Golden feathers by Gheorghe Popa

Over a year ago, I started a project called Poisoned Beauty, which is a series of abstract photographs that tell the sad story of Geamana village, which no longer exits. Geamana village was turned into a tailings pond for the waste resulting from the copper ore processing in the Rosia Poieni quarry.

The photos in this series are a form of artistic protest, less aggressive for the viewer’s eyes, drawing attention to the insanely beautiful chromatics of chemical substances and to the spectacular abstract shapes created by natural factors such as rain, wind, snow, light. After I took the first photograph that gave me the idea to pursue this project further, I visited this spot regularly without ever encountering two similar moments in terms of colours, shapes or sizes.

Poison feathers is a photo I took this summer. These spectacular details tested my skills as a drone pilot. Here at the tailings pond there are still visible traces of the former village, for example there are still fruit trees that peak through the pond. This particular shape was near a few trees so the drone sensors kept warning me that I was about to hit an obstacle. This type of dangerous drone flight that keeps wailing it is about to hit something has become normal for me here, and in the last year I was close to losing the drone a few times, but I always think it is a risk worth taking.   

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