Selection of March 2022: Color explosion – Valensole by Lionel Fellay

Color explosion - Valensole by Lionel Fellay

 This image was taken 4 years ago with a photographer friend that has family in the south of France. We took some days off to visit them and enjoy some sunny beaches of Provence, without photography in mind.

As we had plans for the way back to Switzerland, we decided to do a detour to visit Valensole. We had this place in mind for some time but we only had one sunset and one sunrise opportunity. So we didn't really prepare this visit in the lavenders fields and only had 2 spots in mind, the most famous ones. Luckily this evening, the weather was with us, we only missed some clouds, but we were still happy with the conditions.

The biggest difficulties with this shot, was to deal with all the people everywhere in the fields, taking selfies and so on. For the framing, I decided to go with something simple but efficient. You don't always have to go for something complicated, when you know it's simply working.

The post-processing was quite simple with colors and lights with such beautiful colors already present in the image, you don't have to overprocess it. The only real technical difficulty of this shot was the focus stack, as it was taken with a long lens, i had to carefully verify and clean the assembly in the focus zones. 

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