Selection of March 2020: Gold and Ice by Nathalie Houdin

Gold and ice by Nathalie Houdin

This photo was taken as a part of my exhibition "Glacial". I wanted to show the diversity and all the graphic and poetic potential of ice by making a series of images in macro photography. Colourless or white, bluish in thick layers, or letting the nuances of the elements it covers show through and sublimates in such a creative way sometimes, ice offers us a whole palette of colours, textures and shapes! As diverse and surprising as they are ephemeral, they are constantly changing under the soft or bright light of the moment. Unique creations that are constantly evolving and that will only exist once! The photo taken here, there and now, can never be reproduced. I love this brief and magical part!

This photograph was taken in the mountains, in the Chartreuse, my favourite terrain for this kind of image. In winter the cold takes over the mountains, the rivers and the smallest water hole: enough to satisfy all my expectations and my wishes ! For this image, I found a small shallow water hole where the ice had partially melted in some places and froze again leaving room for different layers and textures. This formed lines and drawings that immediately attracted me. I chose a sunny morning because the earth under the ice was a beautiful almost golden colour and the sun added an even brighter side. I put the transparent part of the ice in the centre of my picture to give the impression of a golden path. About the post- processing, I just had to saturate the picture a little bit to bring out this bright side and reveal the image as I wanted it.

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