Selection of June 2023: Blue Horizon by Isabelle Bacher

Blue Horizon by Isabelle Bacher

I took the picture in the summer of 2014 at the time of the midnight sun in the far north of Sørøya. Sørøya is Norway's fourth largest island in terms of area. The 811-square-kilometer island has a population of 1,100. The island is very rocky and mountainous. The highest point on the island is 659-meters. The coastline is very jagged and has numerous fjords that cut inland from the open ocean. The island is surrounded by the Norwegian sea on the north. The island of Sørøya has no bridge or tunnel access, only a regular ferry route.

I did enough research on the area. I wanted to show the silence of the island and waited for days for a suitable lighting mood. The light was grey-on-grey, until the sky suddenly opened up and turned the horizon blue.

It fascinates me to visualize the architecture and forms that nature has created from the Ice Age to our time. The intent of my photographic work from the Arctic is to show the amazing, beautiful and powerful forces that have created the magnificent nature of the Arctic. Light is the main subject. I love the abstract and intimate views of the natural world.

When I came to Sørøya I was looking for something that catches my eye ...a spectacular landscape, seascape, mountain, rock or an element that inspires me and which fits with the surrounding. And then … waiting, waiting and waiting for the fitting lighting mood. I only take photos when I have the feeling that the picture could finally become the way I have it in my head. I try to get the right “weight" into the photography, so the boat in the sea was helping me to organize the picture.

For me landscape photography is a mindful way of getting in contact with nature and experiencing with the senses how the place becomes "differently beautiful" through the course of nature and the change of the seasons. 

I shoot in RAW and edit the pictures with Adobe Lightroom and sometimes I also make adjustments in Photoshop. I try to create the picture in advance so that I have as few corrections as possible.

Since I like to take part in photo competitions and there are specific requirements there (max. changing the image section, sensor dust removal and contrast...depends on the competition), I try to get the desired result while taking the picture.

As a photographer, the quality of the end product is also an important factor for me. Pictures in exhibitions and for customers must match perfectly in terms of color, the printed material or fine-art paper must harmonize with the character of the picture and the product must be of high quality and work well or function permanently. 

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