Selection of June 2022: Reflection by Tania Malkin

Reflection by Tania Malkin

The Image “Reflections” was Taken in the Remote areas of Northern Australia. It is an aerial image taken from a r44 helicopter. 
I have Photographed this location many times, however every time is different. On this particular day I was taking someone else to shoot this location and my role was to guide the pilot and coach the other person rather than shoot for myself. I took 6 frames on this flight, normally when I fly I take 500 or more frames. There was some unseasonal rain, leaving the Clay pans slightly wet, giving a reflection of the sky over the alluvial patterns on the ground. My biggest regret is that I did not take more images, as It is not something that occurs usually and I will never be able to photograph it again. 
This image was challenging to decide how to handle it in Post. The colour pallet was not easy to handle and I did not want to overstate the soft pastels of the image. There were some minor Curve and exposure adjustments made, and some desaturation of the Magentas

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