Selection of February 2024: Aqueous Echoes of Autumn by Tania Malkin

Aqueous Echoes of Autumn by Tania Malkin

This photograph encapsulates the essence of nature's transience. A tidal creek and its waters bearing the gentle imprint of aquamarine. It describes the delicate intricacy of autumn leaves structures and the harmonious convergence of seasons, where the ocean's remnants echo the ephemeral beauty of nature's cycles.

I had been planning this particular shoot for over 12 months, waiting for the perfect tide for the year.  The shoot posed some challenges due to the low sea fog that occurred on the day limiting how high I could fly without having haze/fog affect the image. However, the subtle light created by the fog worked in my favour giving an incredible soft pastel colour pallet instead of the bright vivid colours usually achieved at this location.

My only regret for this particular flight was that I did not stay over this particular area for longer.  With only 1.5 hours in the sky there were several locations I wanted to photograph in the area.  The fog was a challenge as it forced me to fly about 500 feet lower than I usually prefer to, however that height brought some beautiful detail compositions. 

As far as post-processing goes, very basic adjustments were made to contrast and curves and white balance, the composition is an un-cropped in camera composition and the light is natural and the white balance is in camera.

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