Selection of February 2023: The three fishermen by Brigitte Bourger

The three fishermen by Brigitte Bourger

I remember this scene like it was yesterday. I had just arrived from France in the middle of the afternoon and had to climb a small hill to have this viewpoint. I was rather tired with a little jet-lag. The day was falling quickly, so I had to be reactive. The scene was so magnificent; the tide, the fishermen with their green nets, the sunset, the bamboo sticks.... The perfect place for a perfect shot. I took a few shots, but I was waiting for the fishermen to be in the right place, between the sea and the bamboo poles when the triangle of the 3 fishermen was formed, I waited for the good light, the best photo was the one where the sun illuminated the fisherman in the middle. As often we know when the photography will be good, and I was sure to have captured the best moment.

Having the vision of the message that we want to convey to the viewer is a challenge for the photographer; giving him the opportunity to put himself in his place, to feel the same emotions is the ultimate goal. And this is what makes the difference between the photographs. I am particularly attached to the intention and to the freedom of interpretation which then gives all its meaning to the final result.

For this scene the ripples of the water looked like molten metal, but the colors of the sunset gave a rather yellow hue that I preferred to avoid. This photo didn't need a lot of editing, I slightly desaturated the colors while keeping the fishing nets in their original color and kept some light of the sunset. 

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