Selection of February 2020: Swapnil Deshpande

by Swapnil Deshpande

This photo was taken in the forests of Corbett National Park in North India. It was during a jungle safari when we were searching for tiger movements near the lake, on a rainy morning. The clouds and the fog created an amazing mood and the flock of ducks flying made it an amazing moment. The lake is backwaters of Ramganga reservoir and is a very famous grassland area for elephants and other animals.

The rising fog and clouds created a misty environment and I decided to use a telephoto lens to frame it tight, so the elements could have more weight in the frame.

When I shot the image, I knew it had to be in monochrome. In Lightroom I boosted the contrast and reduced a bit of highlights in clouds and took out some details in shadow area. A little sharpening helped to get desired mood.  

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