Selection of December 2017: Atchafalaya River by Roberto Marchegiani

Atchafalaya River by Roberto Marchegiani

Louisiana Wetlands are a giant tangle of canals, swamps and forests of palm and cypress trees that extend around and beyond the great Mississippi estuary, often unhealthy, populated by numerous snake birds, alligators and poisonous spiders. In autumn the great cypress trees are colored and this apparently hostile environment shows all its beauty. 
I was there for eight days in Atchafalaya Basin, near Plaquiemine, Lake Fausse and Lake Martin in a expedition with two of my friends and photographers, Cristian Rota and Marco Gaiotti. Every day at dawn and at dusk we sailed with a small swamp boat - the only way to get around the bayou, looking for the best light and conditions. 
The fog that gave fairy-tale atmosphere, turning the bayou into a fairy place, finally fell down A majestic cypress appeared, framed by the other trees and the Spanish moss at the top. 
In post-processing I just enhanced the contrast and added saturation to reduce the fog and improve the impact of the image. 
Nikon D850 + Nikon 70-200 VRII f.2.8 @ 160 mm - ISO 64 - 1/50 sec - ƒ 7.1  

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