Selection of April 2023: Autumn by Aleš Komovec

Autumn by Aleš Komovec

The photo was taken in October 2018 in South Moravia, Czech Republic. My friend Piotr knows Moravia down to the last tree and he also took me to this location. We were already in the same location early in the morning, when the light falls from the left, quite directly on the hill. So we decided to come back in the late afternoon. The decision was correct, because the evening light beautifully caressed the tops of the trees.

In terms of framing choices, there weren't many choices here because everything is very limited, there's a village and trees below, a hill ends above, and nothing behind to add to the photo. I always shoot in Raw format, so of course post-production is also necessary. The light was very soft, without harsh contrasts, and considering that I always take photos with levels more on the bright side, the original raw was quite washed out. When I take photos, I always strive to have the best possible basis for later post-production and already on location I can at least roughly imagine what the finished product will look like. It was no different here either.

As for processing, nothing special was done, cropping, exposure correction and contrast adjustment, sharpening, all in camera raw. Later I used Viveza to locally enhance the light and colors and add some texture to the fields… 

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