A view of "Graphical Winter Storm" of Zsolt Kiss, written by Beata Moore

" I found myself drawn to this image not because of its light, but its rather bleak but nevertheless fascinating mood. One glance and the photograph connected me immediately with the subject of a severe winter in a pristine location. The place is completely detached of human element increasing the feel of the severity of winter. The trees in the foreground, covered by snow and battered by freezing wind convey a feeling of dynamic tension. The choice of placement of all trees in the panoramic frame is superb – a single tree on the left, severely bent to the right seems to stretch its branches to the group of taller trees on the right, as if in a silent plea for a shelter from the natural elements. Soft background gives the trees’ dark trunks the necessary contrast and stability. As the background is devoid of any distracting elements, it enhances the image and emphasizes the foreground. Softer shades of black and greys bring the best out of this winter scenery graphic qualities. The raw beauty of the scene captivates viewers and connects immediately to this seemingly remote place, despite that the view is not a grand vista. Still, thanks to the precise composition and careful exposure, it works on emotional level well. It creates the tension so needed for an unforgettable visual experience and indicates a strong connection of an artist to nature."

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