Selection of March 2016: Autumn Symphony by Daniel Paravisini

Autumn Symphony by Daniel Paravisini

The Fusion of Gold, Silver and Copper

Autumn is probably the season that I am really looking forward to. I go in the hautes Alpes each year like a pilgrimage. My intention is to capture the beautiful colors before the winter comes. It is important to be responsive as the winter may come sooner than expected. 
I decided to stay 3 days on the spot in order to increase the opportunity of having good conditions. I had already come here and knew the area pretty well. A lot of viewpoints can be found along the river that runs in the valley. I stopped at a place where there were large golden larches and where the river was deep. I set the time exposure in order to have interesting effects. I made several trials in order to get artistic and strange shapes in the water. 

The post processing was quite classical. My concern was mainly about the importance of restituting the autumnal colors.


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