Selection of July 2022: ELURRETAN DANTZAN (BAILANDO EN LA NIEVE) by Iker Aizkorbe


Snowfalls are usually conducive to going out to look for pictures like this; these conditions do not usually occur very often in the country I live in. There are however a few days when one can enjoy snow, so taking advantage of the moment is essential.

One winter morning I took the camera and went out into the mountains, more specifically to a small plateau called Urbia, on the slopes of Aizkorri. I was looking for images of the countryside covered in white blanket of snow. At times snow looked like a canvas waiting to be painted and it was at such moment that I saw these beech trees from afar, twisted by inclement weather. I knew immediately what drawing I was going to create on that white tablecloth.

I approached the trees thinking that from this position I would get the photo I had imagined in my head. I was wrong though, as the ideal place for the capture was from behind the trees. I attached the telephoto lens to the camera and took a couple of shots. I liked the shape of the beeches, but I wasn't entirely convinced by the images I saw on the screen, until I decided to take some high-key shots. Then I knew what I wanted to show - plain and simple silhouette of the twisted trunks, on a pure white background. This image could well resemble a drawing made with charcoal. 

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