Image of December: Cole Thompson

Harbinger No. 1 by Cole Thompson

This month Cole Thompson talks about his black and white image " Harbinger No. 1 ", a spectacular image that we have decided to feature. In his refreshing style, Cole explains: "Several summers ago my son Jem and I were taking a road trip through the western states, it was meant to be both a photography trip as well as a father and son trip. We were in Utah and it was about 150 degrees (or so it felt) when I spied these great mud hills off to the north. … read more.

Our photographic choice for this month "Final Destiny" from Pere Soler

Final Destiny by Pere Soler

After Volker Birke (“ Menindee ”) and Shenshen Dou (“ Latourell Falls ”), we have chosen to feature the photographer Pere Soler and his picture “ Final Destiny ”, an extraordinary aerial scene over Icelandic rivers. As Pere explains: “This is an aerial picture taken in the north of Iceland, over a delta of a river coming from the biggest central glacier. The idea was to search shapes, contrasts and impact with only a few elements. Aerial… read more.